Dec 3-31November 2017 Ezine

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The only thing worse than getting stuck with a bad client is falling in love with him.

Three hours. Four hard limits. Nine NEW hot stories from some of the top authors in BDSM!

I wanted to drag her into the dark with me, just to see if she'd survive it.

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

Nobody trusts a Warriner... but only he can heal her. ..


Ends February 28

When their pasts collide, Bullet finds out the true meaning of protecting those he loves.

"In a wolves' world, disobedience is met with punishment."

Habitat for Human Remains by Scott A. Lerner (Romance - Top Pick)

Last Rights by Ava Bradley (Romance - Top Pick)

Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

Liar, Liar by Winter Austin (Romance - Top Pick)

Fair Game: Women of W.A.R. Book 3 by Amy Andrews (Romance - Top Pick)

New Moon by Lisa Kessler (Romance - Top Pick)

Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis (Erotic - Top Pick)

Shadowsong by S. Jae-Jones (Romance - Top Pick)

Leap of the Lion by Cherise Sinclair (Erotic - Top Pick)

The Villainous Viscount: Or the Curse of the Venns by Lucinda Elliot (Romance - Top Pick)

Owning It by Leah Marie Brown (Romance - Top Pick)

The Tea Master and the Detective by Aliette de Bodard (Romance - Top Pick)

Bones Don't Lie by Melinda Leigh (Romance - Top Pick)

Western Song by Leigh Podgorski (Romance - Top Pick)

Smooth-Talking Cowboy by Maisey Yates (Romance - Top Pick)

Beat of the Jungle by Erin Moira O'Hara (Romance - Top Pick)

Tell It Like It Is by Stanalei Fletcher (Romance - Top Pick)

The Spitting Post by Jason R. Barden (Romance - Top Pick)

Carole Bellacera
Carole Bellacera (author)

Authored Books

Border Crossings
by Carole Bellacera

What happens when an American woman marries a perfectly ordinary Irish professor, hoping to settle down to a tranquil life in Dublin? Answer: A murder. A dilemma. And an abrupt move to Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, where she is thrust into the center of a violent political... click here to continue

Lily of the Springs (1 comment)
by Carole Bellacera

The 50's...Drive-in Movies, Doo-wop Music...and Love in the Back Seat of a '51 Plymouth

"LILY OF THE SPRINGS is like a slow dance to a Patsy Cline song in the arms of your one true love. From the very first page, it draws you back to another time and place... click here to continue

Tango's Edge
by Carole Bellacera

The Winter Olympics - Salt Lake City, Utah

"Will you help me to defect?"
It's the desperate question from Russian ice dancer, Mikhail Kozlof to his American counterpart, Kerry Niles, which ignites a treacherous cross-country trip, political intrigue―and... click here to continue

Habitat for Human Remains by Scott A. Lerner (Romance - Top Pick)

Thieves' Honor by Jamaila Brinkley (Romance - Top Pick)

Defenseless by Elizabeth Dyer (Romance - Top Pick)

Approaching the Bench by Chantal Fernando (Romance - Top Pick)

Reckless Behavior by L.A. Witt; Cari Z (GLBT - Top Pick)

No Reservations by Kristen Proby (Romance - Top Pick)

Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes (Romance - Top Pick)

Zero Hour by Megan Erickson (Romance - Top Pick)

One and Only by Jenny Holiday (Romance - Top Pick)