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Catch up with Derek and Scott. Book 3 to re-release soon.

He'd just found his mate in the middle of hunting down a serial killer.

A Modern Thief~A 17th Century Laird~One Wicked Curse. New time travel romance!

Discover why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens.

"My God. This is spectacular!" - Quote the Raven

His lust could devour their world. Her love will free them both.

Incubus Bite + Vampire Bite = Holy Hell

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

Kris says this is the best book she's written. Sexy, funny, exciting, and heartwarming.

Get ready for perhaps the greatest de Wolfe adventure yet....

It should've been easy.

Force a demon to agree to a deal under duress, the day will come when you'll regret it.

The Marrying Type by Megan Morgan (Romance - Top Pick)

When a Duke Pursues a Lady by Tabetha Waite (Romance - Top Pick)

Falling Under by Lisa Renee Jones (Romance - Top Pick)

Deserving It by Angela Quarles (Romance - Top Pick)

Bound To Submit by BJ Wane (Erotic - Top Pick)

Close Cover: A Masters and Mercenaries Novel by Lexi Blake (Erotic - Top Pick)

Dangerously Dark by C.J. Burright (Romance - Top Pick)

Wheels Up by Annabeth Albert (GLBT - Top Pick)

Tight Quarters by Annabeth Albert (GLBT - Top Pick)

Two Wedding Crashers by Meghan Quinn (Romance - Top Pick)

For You, I Will (A Fallen Guardian Novella #3.5) by Georgia Lyn Hunter (Romance - Top Pick)

The Lieutenants' Online Love by Caro Carson (Romance - Top Pick)

Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey (Romance - Top Pick)

Chosen by the Senator by Jaye Peaches (Erotic - Top Pick)

Fast Burn by Lori Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

Lex Valentine (author)


Authored Books

Fire Season
by Lex Valentine

Black dragon Holden Antaeus isn't looking for a mate. His life is filled with family, work, and dating. Women adore him and he's never short of offers for sex, but a relationship isn't something he's interested in. When Holden's brother Sean hires a new executive for Antaeus... click here to continue

Hot Water
by Lex Valentine

Black dragon Eden Antaeus is a bad girl. Or so her brother Sean would have her believe. When Sean tells Eden she's the Queen of Kink, someone who can't get off on normal sex, Eden runs straight to the vampire club Carpe Noctem to find someone to have vanilla sex with. What... click here to continue

Rock My World
by Lex Valentine

Rock star Gia Santora is at the height of her career when a frightening brush with a psychotic stalker changes her life. Three years later, she's ready for more than a string of one-night stands on the road, but finding a date isn't easy for a woman with a bodyguard. When... click here to continue

Shifting Winds
by Lex Valentine

Elysia Granville is gun-shy when it comes to men. A previous relationship went belly-up in a very public way, in front of hundreds of her peers at a Funeral Guild Convention. The one man who helped her on that humiliating day has always stuck in the back of her mind although... click here to continue

Rescuing Sadie: A Delta Forces Heroes/Masters and Mercenaries Novella by Susan Stoker (Romance - Top Pick)

Prodigal Slave by Roxy Harte (Erotic - Top Pick)

On Point by Annabeth Albert (GLBT - Top Pick)

Scandalous in a Kilt by Anna Durand (Erotic - Top Pick)

Mornings on Main by Jodi Thomas (Romance - Top Pick)

Sundays Are For Hangovers by K. Webster, J.D. Hollyfield (Romance - Top Pick)

Fast Burn by Lori Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey (Romance - Top Pick)

Holden's Regrets by Diane Zparkki (Romance - Top Pick)