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He's riding the bench. She's living a lie. The game of love is won in extra innings.

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

Jump right in and enjoy this quick, fun, sexy, and emotional ride.

Now available in audiobook! Sold to the highest bidder on a planet far from home...

Treachery, murder, and passion encompass this tale set in the Scottish Highlands

A little night magic. "Enchanted from the very first page. I couldn't put it down!"

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Kris Pearson
Kris Pearson (author)
Wellington, New Zealand
Gender: Female



Authored Books

Christmas Holiday Hearts
by Kris Pearson

Ellie McKenna's dream job becomes her worst nightmare when she discovers the man she'll be working for is her long-ago holiday fling. He gave her the hottest memories of her life - and a son he knows nothing about. How will Ellie carry out her Christmas holiday contract... click here to continue

Cowboy Wants Her Heart
by Kris Pearson

Exiled from his family for half his life, hard-living cowboy Rory Morrissey finally quits Texas and embarks on a desperate and delicate mission: to return to New Zealand, convince shy Kiwi heiress Alfrieda Hamlin to marry him, and earn a fresh start, respectability, and... click here to continue

Desired by the Sheikh
by Kris Pearson

Kiwi cook Stacy is hell-bent on gaining advanced medical treatment for her beloved half-brother David or he may never walk again. An unexpected letter has revealed his father is a Middle Eastern King - with money to burn, and surely an interest in keeping David's existence... click here to continue

Hot for You
by Kris Pearson

She's made him an offer he can't refuse - or can he? Cody Mitchell has been planning a hot little love affair with his best friend's widow - the woman he's wanted for three long years. But he finds Melanie's acceptance comes with outrageous conditions. She considers him... click here to continue

by Kris Pearson

Un día de viento... un letrero que sale volando... un golpe terrible. Sophie Calhoun no sabe cómo va a poder pagar los daños causados a un coche tan lujoso. Ya tiene problemas de liquidez y está luchando para lanzar su nuevo estudio de interiorismo y poder traerse a su hija... click here to continue

Melting His Heart
by Kris Pearson

Kate Pleasance is on her best behavior. Matthew McLeod is certainly not. She really needs the job he's interviewing her for. He totally wants the unexpected candidate in his bed.
But is Kate spying for her famous father? Should Matthew trust her in the least? Join... click here to continue

Out of Bounds
by Kris Pearson

Jetta Rivers has inherited half a house. Big problem: she has to share it with co-owner Anton Haviland, and her past has left her terrified of men.

Gorgeous Anton is a confident sexy architect, and he might be exactly who Jetta needs to put her crippling fear... click here to continue

Ravishing Rose
by Kris Pearson

One shy girl is about to start living!
Francesca Ellison is swept off to an A-list party in a concealing mask, a decadent costume and sex-shop panties. There she meets the pirate, Captain Cool. Frankie tells him her name is Rose because for once she intends behaving... click here to continue

Resisting Nick
by Kris Pearson

Nick Sharpe owns a chain of fitness centers. He has money, ambition, and a body honed to perfection, but he's just discovered he was adopted and never told. To make matters worse, his P.A. has walked out at short notice. His business and personal lives are suddenly in disarray--and... click here to continue

Seduction on the Cards
by Kris Pearson

When journalist Kerri is assigned to interview a seriously rich anti-gambling crusader, she imagines a grandfatherly tycoon with a comb-over. But hunky Alex Beaufort has plenty of hair - and enough of everything else to make her mouth water.

Irrepressible... click here to continue

Taken by the Sheikh
by Kris Pearson

Abducted. Seduced. Purring.

Laurel de Courcey is captured by terrorists, chained up in a disgusting bunker, and videoed for a ransom demand which is shown worldwide.

Ooops - wrong hostage! Who'd expect a shy Kiwi nanny to be worth anything?... click here to continue

The Boat Builder's Bed
by Kris Pearson

A windy day...a flyaway signboard...a hideous crunch. Sophie Calhoun can't imagine how she'll pay for the damage to the luxurious car. Already cash-strapped, she's struggling to launch her new interior design studio and make a home for her daughter. She's only days away... click here to continue

The Wellington Series
by Kris Pearson

Three sizzling love affairs! Three feisty Kiwi heroines, three gorgeous heroes, one great harborside setting. Come and be wicked in Wellington with decorator Sophie and her billionaire boat-builder, Rafe. With gambler Kerri and her handsome Frenchman, Alexandre. And gym... click here to continue

The Wellington Series
by Kris Pearson

Three novels from the Wellington Series at an excellent saving. You get 'The Boat Builder's Bed', 'Resisting Nick', and 'Seduction on the Cards' - sexy stories set in New Zealand with way over 1000 four and five star reviews on Amazon amongst the three. click here to continue

The Wrong Sister (1 review, 1 comment)
by Kris Pearson

Fiona Delaporte has an impossible assignment - to care for her newly widowed brother-in-law and his tiny daughter. (The newly widowed tall, dark and delicious brother-in-law she's secretly wanted for five long, frustrating years.)

Christian Hartley would rather... click here to continue

Their Wildest Dreams
by Kris Pearson

She is Meg Josephs - widowed librarian and mother of seventeen year old Ben. She spices up her uneventful life by hosting the local romance writers' meetings, and gets a lot more excitement than she expects.
He is Ian Haroldson - unassuming garden center owner. Who'd... click here to continue

His to Protect: A Bodyguard Bad Boys/Masters and Mercenaries Novella by Carly Phillips (Romance - Top Pick)

Hawkyn by Larissa Ione (Romance - Top Pick)

The Wonder of You by Harper Kincaid (Romance - Top Pick)

Love of Finished Years by Gregory Erich Phillips (Romance - Top Pick)

Bound To Submit by BJ Wane (Erotic - Top Pick)

When a Duke Pursues a Lady by Tabetha Waite (Romance - Top Pick)

Wicked Envy by Sawyer Bennett (Erotic - Top Pick)

Deserving It by Angela Quarles (Romance - Top Pick)

The Loving Touch by Stoni Alexander (Erotic - Top Pick)