Jezebel Jorge
Jezebel Jorge


I describe my genre as Witch Lit - Sizzle & Spice and some things Not so Nice.

When starting a new project I never knows where my characters might decide to take me. Sometimes it feels like I'm merely taking dictation from the voices running amok inside her head.

Witches and pro wrestlers might seem like a strange combination, but I have spent most of her adult life around the inner workings of the wrestling business. I've been a fan, ring rat (groupie), ring girl, valet, live-in girlfriend and lover and confidant to some of the most creative minds in the wrestling industry.

Jezebel is a practicing witch and medium who enjoys communicating with spirits. She embraces both the light and dark side of the craft and specializes is candle magick.

She lives with a spoiled rotten Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix named Harry Potter and a mouthy Spirit Guide with a fondness for snakes. Her name just happens to be Odessa, the ghost from her Ring Dreams series.


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