Kryssie Fortune

 Bridlington, England
Kryssie Fortune


Life has pivot points. I found mine when my heart valve collapsed.
Even the surgeon told me,
"Make your will,"
Prognosis shocking.Out coming amazing.
Now I grasp life with both hands. My passions are my family, my garden, and reading. Then, I woke up morning, finished my bookn and I thought I can do that.
And I did. (Thanks to Loose ID)

The only downside is my family won't let me have two birthdays. One to mark my birth, and once to mark the day I became bionic.
I'm lucky. My husband shares my passion for history and travel.
I've visited the hot springs where Spartan warriors prepared for their final battle. I've seen the home of the Oracle at Delphi and the library at Ephesus. Closer to home, I've visited Regency Bath and the Neolithic Orkney.

I'll read anything written down, and can't sleep without reading dipping into a book.
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