Casi McLean

Casi McLean


Casi created stories before she could write, and fantasized impossible dreams. What if she could change the past? Could she alter her destiny too? Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time captivated her.

And in youth, writing became her escape, a solace where she could travel to shores of unknown eternity, or imagine worlds of castles, kings but always find her happily ever after. With romance in her heart and stories in her soul, she became an editor of her high school magazine.

College blurred into marriage and children, but she found a way to slip through time with the books she loved. A secret affair with Nicholas Montgomery, Jude Deveraex's shining knight, seared romance in her mind, taking root but waiting for a chance to thrive. A latent author, she taught drama and writing, raised two boys, and unraveled a secret past before the slumbering writer awakened.

A memoir and five novelettes scratched to the surface. But when she learned of a forgotten town buried beneath Atlanta's famous man-made Lake Lanier a lifetime dream fell into place. What if excavation explosions triggered a seismic shift? Could that open a portal to a different dimension--cause a rip in time?

Winner of 2016 Best Romantic Suspense, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, Casi McLean's debut novel, Beneath The Lake, is a culmination of a lifetime dream. Book one in her three-book series, the story is a time travel romantic suspense about a town time forgot, and a romance you'll remember forever. Book two, Beyond The Mist, evolved as a tribute to 911 victims and first responders, and book three, Between The Shadows, reveals the mystery of millions of dollars in gold, lost in 1865 by the Confederate soldiers.

With much more in her pipeline, Casi will keep mystery and romance swirling for years to come.
Writing, reading, hiking, white water rafting, and hanging out with my author friends. :-)


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