Russell Bittner

 Brooklyn (Red Hook), New York, USA
Russell Bittner


Deliriously happy father of two: boy (26) and girl (23).

Probably not much longer for this planet. And with Trump at the helm, you may not be either. So, let's enjoy the ride while we still can.

Published hundreds of times over the past decade both in literary journals and online. However, my only novel -- TROMPE-l'OEIL -- is self-published. My agent died several years ago, and I didn't bother to look for a replacement.

If you're at all squeamish about adult situations, this novel is definitely not for you. I have other publications, all of them in one format or another, listed at both Amazon and Goodreads. They range from children's literature ("One Little Christmas Tree") to psychological studies with strong erotic content (TROMPE-l'OEIL).

In any case, I am always most grateful for an honest review -- and only too happy to reciprocate.

Reading, writing, eating, sleeping. Oh, and gardening.
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