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Elinor Gray


Elinor is a writer of fictions originally from Baltimore, Maryland, currently residing in London, England and pursuing a Masters in Human Geography. She wrote her Bachelor's Anthropology thesis on Polyamory in Philadelphia, and minored in creative writing. She has a cat, Zeke, who keeps her company while she writes and works, and a yarn stash that is always on the verge of being out of control. Elinor moonlights as a professional knitting coach when she is not studying or making things up.

As a reader and writer, Elinor has an affinity for gay romance, fantasy, sci-fi, historical pieces, and the wild west. She has dabbled in short contemporary fiction as well. She is happiest when she can mix and match these genre elements to come up with something particularly unique, like a New Adult romance in space, or a morally ambiguous gay superheroes. She will always say yes to the Victorian era.
knitting, bicycling, writing Sherlock Holmes fanfiction
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