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Lexie Syrah


I'm Lexie Syrah, a new romance erotica author who, like so many others, dreams of filling her days writing stories that make you crave release so badly that you'll beg to be f***ed into oblivion. My Master is my husband, and I write my stories because he enjoys reading them so much. I live a Master/slave lifestyle that so many of my books are based on. BDSM is not a scene for me; it is my life. When people talk about things such as subspace and submission, I can relate to them, but I have more or less always lived in these states.

I'm a woman who loves a good cup of coffee anytime, day or night, an evening hike in the Green Belt around our Austin home, and secret love for silent films (A Trip to the Moon and Nosferatu are my favorites). I've spent entire weekends playing video games with Master, and other weekends, I've spent traveling around the country on spontaneous road trips. I'm free-spirited, and my favorite thing to do (other than Master, of course) is to see and experience new things. I love to enjoy every day, regardless of what it brings.

I have always been an avid reader and writer and have a special place in my heart for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I had dreams as a child, long before I'd ever heard of vampires, of people just like Lestat, Armand, and Marius, and there's a part of me that still has a little hope that vampires are real, however, silly that may seem to others.

Reading, hiking, swimming, playing video games with my kids and husband, trying new recipes, learning new skills (especially when it comes to art and graphics), tornado chasing, and Halloween. Yes, Halloween is a hobby.
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