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About me - I grew in Southeast England, in a coal mining village lovingly nicknamed, "The place that time forgot." Go to my website, click on ‘Articles' and find out why. I immigrated to Canada when I was 21 in search of adventure and a new life. I currently live in Alberta with my sports crazy husband, adorable sheltie dog and cantankerous ginger cat. I am the proud mother of two grown children and one adorable granddaughter.

As far back as I can remember the pen and paper have been my faithful companions and story telling my forte. As a child I was shy and reclusive. I lived in my inner world of fantasy and make-believe, preferring the company of Mother Nature and my imaginary friend, than that of other children. Often, I would sneak away from the mundane adult world, find a private retreat (usually behind the garden shed) and imagine. There in my own little sanctuary with tools in hand, I'd conjure up all kinds of intriguing tales and colorful characters, then I'd read them to my imaginary friend. She was always ‘so' attentive. In my teen years my journal became my confident, revealing all my hidden secrets, private fantasies and wild, wild, notions within its pages. Later I started to write short stories and pondered the thought of becoming a writer. I have spent the part 25 years writing articles short stories and books.
Like most authors, I love to read, and, write of course. I enjoy the outdoors and going for long walks in the woods. Mother Nature has always been a dear friend of mine. I like entertaining and try new recipes. I love watching horror movies and would love to spend the night in a haunted house! Weird, I know.


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