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Dave Riese


Born in 1946, I grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts, graduating from Arlington High School in 1964. I attended Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, majoring in English literature. During my junior year, I studied English Literature at Oxford University and travelled in Europe.

After graduating in 1968, I enlisted in the Air Force one step ahead of my draft board's invitation to join the army and travel to Vietnam. I married Susan, my high school girlfriend, during leave between tech school and my posting to the Philippines at Clark Air Base. During my final two years in the military, my wife and I lived near Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington D.C.

During my 35 years in information technology, I worked in the financial and insurance industries. I retired from Massachusetts Financial Services in spring of 2012.

My wife and I moved north of Boston in 1974. Our daughter lives in Ireland with her husband. Our son and his wife are pediatricians working in Rhode Island. We have four grandchildren.

I began to write short stories while in the military, but I never sat down and did the hard day-to-day work as a writer until I neared retirement.

My first novel, Echo from Mount Royal, almost didn't happen: Before going to work, I'd often meet an elderly Jewish woman in the coffee shop downstairs from my office. We talked ‘books,' sharing a similar taste in fiction. When she learned that I was a writer, she told me many stories about her experiences growing up in Montreal before and after WWII. Her story about her engagement as an 18-year-old girl astounded me. She invited me to ‘write it up,' thinking it would make an interesting short story. Over the next ten months, I gave her chapters to read. When the 300-page manuscript was finished, she hefted the pages laughing, "This weighs more than a short story!"
I enjoy reading most of all. I don't go anywhere without a book. Two books if one is almost finished. Next favorite pastime is watching films. Travelling to different countries around the world comes in as a close third. Finally I enjoy gardening, but am often frustrated when the garden turn as I expected.


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