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David Wilson


DAVID NIALL WILSON has been writing and publishing horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction since the mid-eighties. Former President of the Horror Writers Association and multiple recipient of the Bram Stoker Award, his novels include Maelstrom, The Mote in Andrea's Eye, Deep Blue, the Grails Covenant Trilogy, Star Trek Voyager: Chrysalis, Except You Go Through Shadow, This is My Blood, Ancient Eyes, On the Third Day, The Orffyreus Wheel, The DeChance Chronicles, including Heart of a Dragon, Vintage Soul, My Soul to Keep, Kali's Tale and the stand-alone spinoff Nevermore – A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe. His novels in the O.C.L.T. series include The Parting, Crockatiel, and the novella The Temple of Camazotz He is also the author of the memoir / cookbook American Pies: Baking with Dave the Pie Guy. David can be found at and can be reached by e-mail at david@macabreink.com.
Writing, publishing, guitar, cat-wrangling


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