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AJ Wiliams


I grew up in a small southern town in Missouri where I learned a lot about the need for community as well as what it meant to work hard as I and my family lived on several acres outside of the city limits.

Currently I live in Kansas City Missouri with my husband and 2 small children and our shih tzu

My first series is Bounty for Hire. Bounty for Hunter is the first book followed by Bounty's End the second installment. Books 3 and 4 should be published by the end of 2013. Currently I am also working on two other projects.

I love learning about new things, playing games with my family and listening to music. I love romantic movies as well as science fiction. Science Fiction and fantasy movies are probably are my favorite as they allow the mind to expand without boundaries.

At given time I can be found reading to my kids every day, instilling in them the importance of a good story. With that I can also be found in front of her computer typing away with a bag of chocolate and a cup of Starbucks at my side.
I love reading, writing, and swimming.
When the mood strikes I also love running, but it has to be warm for me to make that hobby work for me
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