Cheerful workaholic: Have worked as stevedore, tobacco picker, farmer, radio DJ, actor-director-producer in theater, radio, TV and films. As lyricist-composer-records producer had over 30 releases on major labels, Columbia, RCA Victor, London, Brunswick, Colpix, Baton, with artists such as Paul Simon, Carl Perkins, Lillian Briggs, Fred Neil, Eddie Fontaine. Lived in 11 cities in three countries on two continents. Had meteoric career on Madison Avenue; peaked as VP Creative on America's biggest TV spot account. Won six awards for creative excellence in TV commercials & documentaries. Worked with legendary names such as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jackie Gleason, Lorne Greene, Monty Hall, Les Nielsen. Now run Veni Vici Entertainment and Veni Vici Books. Three books out. New one: ONE HUNDRED NAKED GIRLS, to become a film starring Italy's Christian De Sica and Cher with musical cast: Tony Bennett, Paul Anka, a name rapper, etc. Planned death: to be shot by jealous husband on my 100th birthday.
My work has been my hobby
and my hobbies were my work. If golf courses paid me to play, I might have taken up golf. If I could steal the time and steal a well rigged sail boat I might have developed a grand hobby at sea.
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