Annie Stiles

 Upstate NY
Annie Stiles


Annie Stiles was practically born with a book in her hand, but the writing came later. A daydreamer by nature, Annie always secretly wanted to be a romance novelist. It wasn't until her youngest child started kindergarten that she buckled down and turned that dream into reality. She is fascinated by characters on the page and in real life, and talks with her hands so much that people have been known to duck.

When not on her laptop, she likes to putter in her garden. Annie lives in the beautiful Capital-Saratoga region of New York State with her college sweetheart husband and their two children. They are all owned by two cats.

Satisfying, character-driven contemporary romance. Rose-colored glasses are standard issue.

Reading; gardening; lapsed piano player with good intentions to pick it back up; beginning golfer; Occasional baker; Frequent baked-good eater; Red wine researcher;


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