Belinda G. Buchanan

 Kentucky, USA
Belinda G. Buchanan


I am an author of edgy, women's fiction (yes, it means what you're thinking) and mystery romance.

The characters that I write about are not perfect. They are far from it, actually. Even heroes have a chink in their armor. It's what makes them human.

My stories are filled with emotion, intimacy, drama, and hope. If you like these things, and don't mind a few racy scenes or a sprinkling of profanity here and there, then my books are for you.

I have written three novels: After All Is Said And Done, The Monster of Silver Creek, and the recently released Seasons of Darkness.

Late at night, you'll find me holed up in my office/closet gleefully typing away on my keyboard. It's a place where tall, dark, and handsome meets high drama - and is located just underneath the winter coats. :)

Hailing from the bluegrass state, I still live there with my husband of twenty-three years, my eight-year-old son who loves me unconditionally, and my teenage son who only loves me when we're not in public. I am a professional hamster wrangler, lover of cats, and a firm believer that Krazy Glue fixes everything.
Writing, painting and organizing. I love to organize things as much as I love to write. And that's probably not a good thing...


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