Colleen L Donnelly
Colleen L Donnelly


Hello! I am a writer at heart, and a scientist by trade. Long years in the black and white world of laboratories could no longer repress the colorful fictional side of me. It erupted eventually, and I found myself at writer's conferences, joining writer's groups, writing short stories and plays and finally a novel that jumped to the #1 bestseller list. I'm finding myself - a hardbound/paperback/rather quiet person - in an age of electronic books, online representation, and worldwide visibility. A shocker to someone who thought it would be cool to curl up in the living room and write a book. With that desire came so much more - the art of meeting people I'll never really meet, of mastering the world wide web, and touching the hearts of readers like me and like you.
Collecting - mostly primitive items with a unique quality. Outdoors photography, bicycling, reading, and drawing.


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