Carly Carson

 Boston, MA
Carly Carson


Carly considers herself quiet and introspective. However, she's part of a very large family, so there is no opportunity for quiet introspection! Rather, she is dragged hither and yon by her traveling family. If she's home, she's entertaining at her free b & b!
Here are some fun things she's done:
Climbed a 999 step ladder to peer into the heart of a glacier.
Traveled via elevator into the bowels of the earth (uranium mine, ugh).
Visited an ice palace.
Stayed at the Four Seasons in London (lovely!).
Ghosted by warriors at Culloden Battlefield in Scotland (spooky).
Ridden a moped in the Greek islands (more fun than the nude beach).
Vacationed at a beach where mountains border the sea (Chile).
Been flashed by a kilted Scotsman in Austria. (So much fun!)
Plus, she loves Disney.
Reading, traveling, skiing, zumba, board games, entertaining friends and family.
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