Carmen Von Achs

 Paris, France
Carmen Von Achs

She began her career as a graphiste and she's still doing it when she conceive her book covers, but writing romance novels was her passion. She enjoys writing both YA and adult drama and steampunk romance infused with elements of magic and non-public scientific final research results, along with eerie SF novels.

Carmen has two ongoing series, The Estrange Reality Series (vampire romance) and The Neural Network Series (SF & time travel romance, a comic book). All the titles are in french and are also available in english.

When not behind her computer doing research for her novels out to come or writing, you can find her reading, usually something involving the eerie, supernatural or SF. She lives in France, Paris, with her two black & white mischievous cats.

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The Estrange Reality Series
Aches (book one, EN) = Deuil (volume I, FR)
Cursed (book two out to come, EN) = Maudit (volume II, FR)

The Neural Network Series - comic book
Angel (volume I, EN)= l'Ange (volume I, FR)

Visit Carmen's website at Estrange Reality on Twitter at Carmen on Facebook at The Estrange Reality facebook page at


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