Carrie Thorne

 Washington State


I am a sucker for a heart-happy romance to read or write! I'd love to say I'm Joan Wilder from Romancing the Stone (a personal favorite), but I'm so much more normal than that. When I'm not writing, I work in healthcare, am a former geologist, have dabbled in accounting... but most of all I'm a full time mom with two amazing young kids and am truly lucky in my marriage to a pretty awesome guy.

Some folks suffer from insomnia, riddled with worries of today and tomorrow that clutter the mind. I self medicate with romance novels and sleep great. If you haven't yet tried the strategy, I highly recommend it.

A bit of ADHD and eclectic taste, I can't stick to just one romance genre. Suspense, contemporary, paranormal, and I'm hoping to dig into regency soon. Enjoy!
Being outside! I'm from the Pacific Northwest - you can't live in the most beautiful place in the world without loving to get out in it. Hiking, boating, just breathing the fresh air.
Travel - beautiful as this is, I love history and other cultures.
Hanging out with my family. We're a fun bunch.
Reading - duh!
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