Rosamond, CA


I'm an ex-technical writer turned romance novelist. It has long been a dream of mine to publish more than Microsoft user manuals and T-Mobile help guides. Now I can honestly say that my dream has come true. One book may be a fluke, but now I am up to four books published by an honest-to-goodness publisher. It's beyond exciting. I hope you all enjoy reading the world I have created in my series. They are more than just romantic novels, they are set in the Regency period in England and they all have a bit of mystery, intrigue, and humor running throughout. Hopefully this series is just the beginning. Stay tuned, lovely readers!
Well, I love to write, of course, but I also am an avid crafter. Crocheting, knitting, making jewelry, etc. My mom and I started a small business where we sell what we make, otherwise our houses would be overflowing with crafts. I also like to paint. My fiance is in an Irish band called Mayde in Ireland. I love going to hear him play. Occasionally, I will even sing a song or two with the band.


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