Cherise Sinclair

 N. California, USA
Cherise Sinclair


Once upon a time, I looked for ‘tough' guys in all the usual places, dating cowboys, cops, soldiers… I discovered too many were self-centered and covered their insecurities with arrogance. When I met my dearheart, I discovered that strength doesn't have to strut, and a confident man can and will cherish the woman in his life.

We've been married many years, have a couple of teenagers--and I won't get into the lessons you learn from raising children!--cats who could teach arrogance, and a neurotic small dog rescued from an abusive home. My husband, who much prefers big dogs, only sighed when I dragged home the tiny, shivering furball.

I daresay my life is much like yours. I garden then forget to pick the vegetables; try to eat healthy foods and then get stressed and comfort myself with McDonalds; exercise faithfully for…oh, at least 2 weeks…and forget and turn into a couch potato. I try to be the perfect mom, yet snap at the munchkins when I find a room of dirty dishes…or if I'm at the last five pages of a suspense. I try, I fail, I try again. Oh, and like you, I'm addicted to reading.


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