Christy McKee
Christy McKee


In one media or another, I've written all my life. At age ten I started a neighborhood newspaper in my small hometown in Ohio. News stories about whose cocker spaniel just had puppies or where the Enrights spent their vacation were pretty boring ― at least to me ― so I embellished a bit which got me into trouble with the neighbors. Amid a flurry of apologies, my little news operation folded. The next week my parents sent me off to summer camp.

Several years later, during a summer break from Stephens College, I was hired as an intern at The Associated Press–a real prize for a broadcast major. Yes, I was in the big leagues now and though I warned myself to keep my "creativity" under wraps – some things you just can't control. This time I got into really hot water by misquoting a source. What I'd done was simply re-arrange a few words in a direct quote to make it flow better.

Unfortunately my "re-arranging" altered the source's meaning and he was furious and out for blood; someone's head had to roll. The red-faced bureau chief fired me on the spot, muttering something about me trying my hand at fiction. Lesson finally learned: don't screw with the facts!
When I'm not writing, I read, go to movies, attend Green Bay Packer football games and play with our two Labs, Gracie and Lambeau who double as my office assistants. Family vacations are my favorite pastimes. I am always up for our next travel adventure.


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