Christy Heron

 California & Florida
Christy Heron


I have been writing professionally for the last thirteen years. I've written four novels, short stories, poetry and just released my new "Anti" Romance Novel Unrequited – One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka in August 2014. My style is unique and I do my best to relate to readers on the deepest level. I hope to paint vivid pictures through words; raw storytelling and vibrant detail making my audience feel as if each page has come alive. I am a candid, Southern California blonde; however beyond the exterior I am an infinite collection of characters and stories. I love to make my readers squirm and blush, just enough. I am boisterous, confident, and my goal is to have my personality dance on the pages of my books making them one of a kind. Currently I am working on a follow up novel to Unrequited called Twenty Something and Blonde: A Tale of a Los Angeles Life on The Verge and Soulcrusher a book about living with a family member who has Alzheimers.

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