Dallas, Texas


"GUTS" is about me!

"Cynthia" grows up in poverty, and is responsible for supporting her three younger sisters after her mother Leah dies tragically at the hands of a pimp.

While trying to make sense of her families' loss, she uncovers a secret source of inspiration--her late mother's "play book." She's assigned a new stage name ("Cynbad"), which helps transform her from a plain country girl with an appetite for the fineries of life, to an elegant but impetuous courtesan.

Desperate to free her sisters from foster care, she moves to Dallas, Texas. Befriending like-minded exotic dancers and escorts along the way,they press Cynthia to her wits end, but are also a source of comic relief.

Combining her beauty with a shrewd business sense, she's a formidable love potion, mastering men's hearts and pocketbooks with ease.

However, her alter-ego ("Cynbad") remains unchecked, eventually entangling her in a faux love affair with a man whose character she can no longer control. Her greed and tizzy fits escalate.

In the shocking finale, the fate of her three precious sisters hangs in the balance when certain "visitors" come knocking.

Can she rally the courage to confront her "inner demons" and "free" her sisters for good or does she linger in the "Game," and carry on the toxic legacy her late mother intended for her?

"Cynbad's relationship with Fernando was a fresh perspective on how delicate and difficult that balance can be between the professional mindset and personal emotions. It was easy to relate to all of the characters and moved beyond the common stereotypes that the public so easily falls into. The ending and epilogue were quite powerful and added another layer to the story. Cynbad was courageous in the decisions she made, and it seems that those who know her recognize her courage, wisdom, and strength."
Sean Jones - Inkwater Press
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