Dena Celeste

 Clearwater, FL


In the beginning was the word.
And the word was kinky.

Well, wait a minute. Kinky, painful, dark, delicious, and playful. Those are the five adjectives to describe Dena Celeste's erotic romance.

She is a pansexual chick from the Southeast United States who has participated in BDSM and its community for well over a decade now. The pleasure of her lifestyle is highly enhanced by the muse she has in her husband.

It's important to state the experience of her lifestyle because she can and she will fool you with her sweet wide-eyed expressions. The halo sits rather comfortably on her head, but beneath it is a brain that explores the darker edges of physical and mental experiences. Her writing reflects the beautifully sinister nature of pain and pleasure, and how they can be woven together to maximum effect.

This erotic romance writer intends to share many tales of living and playing in the Lifestyle in which her characters participate. Oh, and do their dreams come true, in the seductive fantasy worlds that Dena weaves.

In the end was the word.
And the word was satisfied.
Reading, Leatherwork, Crocheting, Photography, Singing, Shibari


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