Donna Callea

Donna Callea


Before I became a novelist, I was a newspaper reporter for 25 years. I enjoyed what I did, for the most part, and was pretty good at it. But I always longed to write fiction instead of factual news stories. Unfortunately, the paper I worked for much preferred printing the latter.

So, like many writers, I wrote what I loved in my free time. And what I loved were love stories. Recently, I left the paper (if you haven't noticed, newspapers all over the country have been downsizing significantly) and I'm now free to write whatever I want full-time.

To date, I've produced two novels, both available exclusively as ebooks (via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers). The Haircut, A New Year's Tale, is a sensual, whimsical love story set in the 1940s. It's a romance that recently received a great review here on TRR. My other novel, New Coastal Times, is a quirky, seriocomic post-apocalyptic tale about the end of the world as we know it. It's also a love story, though it would be a big stretch to call it a romance.

Currently, I'm working on a YA novel, as well as another romance. I live in Florida with my very adorable husband (who puts up with a lot). I love to hear from readers, and hope you'll give The Haircut a try.

Reading, taking long walks, daydreaming.
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