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Elaine Dodge


Pick a genre, any genre they said, and stick to it. Abandon all others being the implication. Well, I'm not sure that's going to happen as I revel in writing in most of them. But I DO like writing historical romance/family sagas and Romance Reviews seems a great place to find them a home for readers to find them.

I say them, but at the moment there's only one, my debut novel, 'Harcourt's Mountain', published by Tirgearr Publishing. It was nominated for the RONE award and won the NY Literary Magazine's Best Story Award. I am currently writing the sequel. It's with beta readers at the moment.

Historical romance has always been my favourite kind of romance. I adore Jane Austen, MM Kaye and Sharon Penman. 'The Far Pavilions', 'Here be Dragons' and of course, 'Pride and Prejudice' being among my favourite books.

When I'm not writing novels and short stories (by the gallon-load) I write to pay the rent. I am a content creator with many years experience in advertising, marketing and local and international television broadcasting.

Apart from writing? Reading, gardening, tennis when I can get a game, exploring, tapestry and walking. Chilling with the cat and yodeling in the bath.


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