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Elizabeth Lang


Elizabeth Lang was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada in the late 60s.

She spent many years in IT, mainly in the insurance industry, and started writing late in life, but once begun, she couldn't stop.

She was an avid reader from an early age. Science Fiction and Fantasy were and still are her passions, with occasional dips in the pools of Mystery.

Her home base is in Toronto, but she has worked in many places around the world. She loves traveling, learning about different cultures, and sampling their delectable foods.

She writes mainly scifi thrillers/psychological dramas, though she did accidentally end up with a scifi romance novel. She swears she has no idea how that happened.

Elizabeth has also written some humour, mainly wacky stuff that comes to her mind in the wee hours of the morning when her brain refuses to acknowledge being attached to the rest of her.

She has also dabble in a bit of poetry, but barely enough to get her toes wet.

Her blog, Sci-Fi Worlds, explores the world of Sci-Fi in all its variations, from Sci-Fi Romance to hard Science Fiction.
Writing was a hobby that became an obsession, and has now maneuvered itself into a career. My other hobbies are reading, archery, tai chi, doing non-work-related (and therefore fun) computer stuff and learning to draw.


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