Gem Sivad

Gem Sivad


Hi! I'm Gem Sivad, a dedicated scribbler who spends five hours each day writing about passionate relationships between unlikely souls.

I love a well written book that pulls me into the story and doesn't let go even after I've read the last line. I want that experience for every reader who tries one of my titles.

Check out Eclipse Heat and Unlikely Gentlemen titles in my historical western series if you enjoy reading about passionate lives in the Old West. If you love paranormal suspense, jump into my Jinx and Bittercreek Holler titles.

And if you need a good laugh, check out my Smoke INC badboys, struggling to navigate contemporary romance as they scorch the pages and make you smile. Enjoy each moment!

Nice meeting you.


Horses, hubby, gardening, golf, and of course...reading great books.


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