Harry Pants

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Harry Pants


Harry Pants is wickedly charming, not to mention insanely good-looking. 
He spends much of his life running away from gorgeous women, but occasionally feigns tiredness long enough to allow one to catch him -- all in the name of "research."

He also claims to be the lovechild of Jane Austen and Chuck Palahniuk, although a significantly stronger case could be made for Marieke Hardy and Billy Connolly.

When not writing down egregious lies in his novels (and on his author bio) he shares ranting rambles and rambling rants at harryipants.wordpress.com.

Harry lives in a beautiful part of Australia, and has a very lucky life indeed.
Harry enjoys pushing boundaries, mostly uphill with a straw and a spoon.
Nailing ideas to paper clouds using only double-ended nails and his forehead.
Research, but only when that involves getting into precarious positions with the sort of magnificent women who are hot, cool, and way too good for him.


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