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Tamara Monteau was born and raised in Washington State, graduated from Hudson's Bay High School in 1978, and joined the Air Force the following year, where she met her husband Mike. After traveling parts of Europe, and an extended stay in Louisiana, they have settled in Middle Georgia where Mike retired from the Air Force in 2004. They have four children and one grandchild.

Tamara has always been a dreamer, her head more often in the clouds than in reality. She discovered early in life the pleasures to be found between the covers of a well-written book, and is a strong advocate for reading. She began exploring her writing talents in 1992, and registered her first completed novel in 2003. Although a devoted Christian, she has always had a fascination for the macabre in general, and the vampire mystique in particular, and tries to reflect her values in her writings whenever possible.
I love all things creative. I paint, do ceramics and porcelain, arrange flowers, play with all other forms of craft (3D papercraft has been my latest "fling"), sew and crochet. When I learned of the creative possibilities, I became a skilled graphic artist and web designer. I also work with audio and video projects.


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