Kathryn Jane

 Vancouver, BC, Canada   www.theromancereviews.com/Intrepid


I'm an award winning author (man how I love being able to say that!)

I love writing about kickass women who laugh as hard as they cry, love good sweaty sex, and don't understand the appeal of perfection… and I adore the sexy, baffled men who dare to love them.

Addicted to the ocean and the color turquoise, I live on the west coast of Canada with two obnoxious cats, a pathetically faithful dog, and the man of my dreams.
I'm a bit of a hobby junkie because I can't sit around and not be doing something with my hands. But I'm too impatient to read and follow directions, so most of what I do is self taught :)

My latest fun is beading.

Besides reading, writing, and cats, the other constant in my life is horses. I've retired from training at the racetrack, but still dabble when someone calls on me to help them out.


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