Jaylee Coglin

Jaylee Coglin


Jaylee has written traditional Sci-Fi books under another pen name. It was because of this that, when she grew disgusted with the utterly abysmal writing most Sci-Fi erotica was made of, she was confident that she could do it better. "Freedom in the Sky" is her first foray into addressing the lack of good novels in this category, and she's hopeful it will do well enough to justify writing the sequels she has outlined.

Until she gets to doing that, you can find some additional FREE content that loosely ties in with the series (A short story series called Ellen's Sex Shop she's using to promote the book) via her Facebook Page.

Freedom in the Sky: An Erotic Tale of Service in the Stars, can currently be found at Amazon and Smashwords.
Snowshoeing, Reading in a warm chair, skydiving, gaming.


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