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Jayne Fury


Jayne Fury writes pulpy serials about bodice ripping ninjas in space.

Poor Jayne. Stuck between the 1920s and the "boldly go" future. But one never knows when one will fall into a time vortex. Look at Edgar Allen Poe. Totally a time traveller.

One must always be prepared.

Jayne was educated by Polish nuns in New York and a very protective Italian father, a Boy Scout leader (see above preparedness motto). She moved to the West Coast as soon as she could because she's left handed and claustrophobic. Seriously, it makes sense. Ever sit next to a lefty in a restaurant? Jayne went to university in Rome where she developed her lifelong love of shoes. She has walked across Spain. Twice. Shoes. Preparedness. It's all related. Trust me.

She lives on her urban farm in the Pacific Northwest with cats, chickens, ukulele, and extremely tolerant husband.


• Star Trek garden gnomes sit on Jayne's desk as a reminder to write or die. The gnome Gorn is especially convincing.
• She is obsessed with colored pens.
• All the cool people have names that start with J. So she's told.

Jayne is a member of Broad Universe, a nonprofit international organization of women and men dedicated to celebrating and promoting the work of women writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror.
You can find Jayne's books on Amazon and Smashwords.

Freedom Bound

Baby, It's Cold In Space
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