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I am at heart a storyteller--I started building worlds with pictures as a kid, capturing the serenity of nature as best as I could with markers and crayons.

I later wrote stories from the ten words I was meant to learn during Spelling Hour as a preteen, and I've had a love affair with words, off and on, ever since.

I had the privilege of being homeschooled throughout my middle and high school, which afforded me the opportunity to write a lot. I played with poetry, wrote several just-awful "novels" (stories told in 60 pages), and I discovered an appreciation for this wonderful subject called Journalism. For me, it was a way of hunting down truths and exploring the various perspectives that make up reality.

I was first published at fourteen as a Teen Reporter for "The Friday Flyer", turning in weekly articles for my column "Teen Talk".

In the 10+ years between then and now, I've published several short stories, articles, how-to, and poetry. I've discovered I can tell stories in lots of ways—with illustrations, by assisting other authors as an editor, through marketing, and journalism (though I have a long ways to go before I consider myself a journalist in the fullest sense of the word).

As a book reviewer, I feel I can search out the heart of a story and share it with my fellow readers. I enjoy romances because they play with so many forms of love, kinship, and spiritual connection.

I review from the perspective of someone who is usually shy on the subject and considers major bedroom scenes mild erotica; the people who are somewhat new to romance and still a bit in awe that they're actually reading this stuff. :) Though I'm not so new and not quite so shocked anymore, I keep a pulse on the books I would have read as one of those readers. (Every romance fan had to start somewhere, and I'm assuming a large portion of those initiates are like I was at the outset.)
Reading, writing, dancing, singing, spending time with my dog and my family, discovering my kin out in the world, cooking and listening to music.


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