Katherine McIntyre

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Katherine McIntyre


A modern day Renaissance-woman, Katherine McIntyre has learned soapmaking, beer brewing, tea blending, and most recently roasting coffee. Most of which make sure she's hydrated and bathed while she spends the rest of her time writing. With a desire to travel and more imagination than she knows what to do with, all the stories jumping around in her head led to the logical route of jotting them down on paper. She writes novels with take-charge women, ragtag crews, and emotionally savvy men. High chances for a passionate speech thrown into the mix.
Tea blending, beer brewing, soapmaking, herbcrafting, cupcake baking, costuming...really, at some point I get fixated on how something is made/crafted and want to learn it myself. Some thing stick, other things go by the wayside.


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