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K.S. Ruff


I'm addicted to coffee, dark chocolate, reading, and writing; although not necessarily in that order. Reading will always be my first love. Writing appears to be edging out coffee for second place, unless it's morning. In the morning, it's coffee.

I haven't a clue what's going on around me when I'm writing. The house could be burning down, and I wouldn't even notice. I'm counting on my husband to save the children and the dogs.

More than anything, I want my readers to FEEL something. I love it when you growl at my protagonist, when you hold your breath in anticipation, when your heart stumbles against your chest, and when you laugh until you cry. That's what I strive for. I want to make you laugh so hard in the middle of the night that your husband thinks you've gone mad.
In my "free" time, I teach courses in international relations, human security, conflict resolution, and peacekeeping for the American Military University. ;o)


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