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Born in Western, NY I now live in Ohio with a marathoning husband, madcap kids and two dogs (a basenji and a vizsla) who steal any food not nailed down.
I was a school librarian for several years before deciding to write full-time.
I write what I love to read, Space Pirates and Undercover Agents, Vampires and Witches, Shapeshifters and the *insert label here* who love them.
I try my very best to sweep you into a fun and exciting world with often tortured characters you can fall in love with, tear your heart out at the black movement and then patch it up with a joyful ending that leaves you happy and satisfied.
I enjoy reading and showing dogs, taekwondo (though, I'm terribly un stretchy and the least physically talented person you could think of)
I am a fan of the shows, Supernatural,Grimm, Arrow, Ghost Adventures, etc. If it's Paranormal I probably like it!
I also love action movies, especially low budget martial arts movies starring Scott Adkins.


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