Kem Austin
Kem Austin

I love to write Gay novels, short stories, and novellas. I like to do literary-style ones, as well as raunchy man-on-man action. Sex is what it's all about for me. I draw much of my inspiration from my own sexual experiences. There's nothing nicer than to stare into someone's eyes while you are making love to them. I try to bring this across in my stories, so that they are just sex, but something of a man's inner being, as well. Some might call me moody, but I'm not. I'm just thoughtful, as most authors are.
Hiking, bicycling, traveling, exploring the wine country, discovering new places and new men. Nude sunbathing, preferably in foreign lands, such as Spain, Greece, Italy, or France. This goes with my love of exploring new places and yes, new men. Although, I enjoy California and Florida, as well. The states and the men.


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