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 Upstate NY
The Caffeinated Diva


Hi, my name is Kim and I am addicted to books. See? I can admit it!! I was an active duty US Army soldier for many years and now I am a stay at home mom to four kids and one grown-up child, otherwise known as Soldier Daddy, my soldier husband. I am convinced that the best part of getting out the Army, despite the fact that I loved it, was that it allows me far more face time with my ever-increasing library of books! My husband seems to be under the impression that I own far too many books. Silly man! I think he just doesn't get it!

I am an avid reader and always have been. I read just about any genre and I read just about anywhere and I read doing just about anything! I read while drying my hair in the morning, while pouring my coffee, while vaccuuming,... well, you get the idea. Until I got my Sony Reader, I read religiously in the shower. Not just the bath, the shower, too. My husband seems to think that's weird. Hmmm,...! Because we move so much with the Army, occasionally I have to weed out my collection just to have living space!! My local library LOVES me, at least twice a year!
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