Little wolf

 California, USA
Little wolf


After many years of publishing short, erotic stories on the internet, Jim, affectionately known to his closest friends as Little Wolf, has finally brought his writing full circle with his epic gothic romance series Bark at the Moon, making readers and fans of his erotic storytelling, truly ecstatic. Long has he thrilled his readers with his ability to bring the characters he writes about to life, allowing us to become a part of the very story he is telling. His ability to immerse his readers into the lives of his characters is evident as you begin to feel as they feel, cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. Now with Bark at the Moon – Coming of the One, he continues that tradition; allowing us to join with Gryf, Brec and Scott as they forge head-long into a world of mystery, magic and love.
A New Englander by birth, Little Wolf grew up and made his home in picturesque New Hampshire until his early twenties. He now resides in a quiet Central Coast seaside town in California, with his husband David. They will celebrate their twenty-first anniversary in June 2013. It is here, in California he has said, that his passion and talent for writing was born. His dream is to one day return to his home in New Hampshire where he will continue to use his talents to hypnotize us, his readers with his story telling talents.


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