Elizabeth Keysian

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Elizabeth Keysian


I adore history and archaeology, and write romances that give the reader an experience of travelling back in time.
I feel very British-despite my Viking ancestry-and love creating rich backdrops for my stories based on real places and actual experiences. Confession time- I used to be a re-enactor, so I've sampled the living conditions, clothing, and smells of the past!
My characters battle their problems with both tears and laughter, but I always guarantee them a Happily Ever After, no matter what I've put them through.
Historical cookery, folk medicine, folk song and tradition, antiquarian books and newspapers, 1960s and 1970s magazines, dolls, toys and perfumes, visiting stately homes and gardens, birdwatching, historical costume and lace, secondhand books (I don't know why I didn't put that first! I'm addicted to books.)


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