Maggie Shayne

 Rural, Southern NY State
Maggie Shayne


Hey! I'm Maggie and I've published more than 50 novels, more than 20 novellas, and and written for most of the publishers out there. I'm the author of the Wings in the Night series, also known as the "Twilight" series which has been in production for almost 20 books now, and has more coming out this year. I'm into romantic suspense, paranormal of course, and I'm experimenting with some other stuff. I love writing. I'm also a Wiccan High Priestess, legal clergy, an elder in The Craft, & co-founder of an entire tradition. I do Reiki, read Tarot, raise English Mastiffs, love to jog and kayak and camp. My motto is: "We're not here to fix anything, we're here to have fun" and my home ("Serenity") is a No-Stress, Drama-free zone. (Except in the pages of my books, that is!)
Jogging, Kayaking, Tarot Card Reading, Spell Casting. =)

We have two English Mastiffs, one English Bulldog, a bossy cat, a Reef Aquarium, and a Bearded Dragon.
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