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You'd Never Suspect...

You think you know me. But you really don't.

You've seen me wheeling my cart through Whole Foods,
And fundraising for the PTA.
Perhaps I'm the blonde who works in the next cubicle,
Or the redhead texting beside you on the bus.
I'm the leaf-raking neighbor who waves as you pass,
The last one you'd suspect.
And while you've written me off...
Picturing me heating up leftovers,
Cheering on my kids at Little League,
Racing my dogs to the vet,
Working up a sweat at the gym,
I've been sitting here all along,
Weaving titillating tales of debauchery,
And laughing to myself, imagining your reaction,
As I play Cat's Cradle with your libido.
​And swirl pirouettes inside your brain.
Animal rescue, Scrabble and other word games.
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