Mur Rathbun

 Central Florida
Mur Rathbun

Mur Rathbun has spent her whole life telling herself stories, until one day she thought, "Hey, maybe I should write some of these down." The rest is history. Raised in northern Virginia, she now resides in central Florida with two cats and one mix, where she still misses playing in the snow. When not writing or reading, she enjoys geocaching, belly dancing, salsa, hand drumming, and backyard astronomy.
I have more hobbies than I can even begin to find time to do. :) In addition to the ones already mentioned, I love everything to do with music and nature. I also cross-stitch and make strange things out of fimo and sculpey...and collect Pez (you might have guessed that from my first book) and anything I can find that glows in the dark.


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