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Natalie Hancock


I'm a hyperactive writer of vampire paranormal romance. I am a massive lover of romance/paranormal romance and an even bigger lover of vampires. I love reading those types of books. I'm a sucker for romance :P
I write vampire paranormal romance myself, though I am still very new to it, but as long as I write, I'm happy :)

I love meeting new people and love to talk, so unless people find me weird then that mixes well xD And when I say I love to talk, I mean it :P Get me on a topic I like, or I know, and you'll probably have a hard time getting me to shut up. So I'll apologise now if I annoy anyone LOL

I love listening to loud rock/hardcore music while I write. It puts me in my happy place.

I have crazy animals. One of them is a flying chinchilla! Not literally, but he jumps so high and far, you would think he was flying.

I like my tea with three heaped sugars and sometimes honey... Added with the three heaped sugars of course.

Writing, Reading, rock/hardcore music, looking after animals, singing badly.


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