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Rebecca E. Grant-Love is Unstoppable, writes women's fiction and romance, creative nonfiction, children's picture book and poetry. Her debut contemporary romance, Liberty Starr is a 2011 Romance Writers Ink "Where the Magic Begins" award winner for "Sensual Contemporary Romance". Her stories are filled with compelling characters who must learn to navigate the interconnection between the human psyche and the human heart as they celebrate the divine nature of love.
"I've always believed that writing women's fiction and romance with wonderfully erotic elements is a little like cooking.

First, I like to lay my hero and heroine out gently on a well-oiled surface, take some seasoning up in my hands and smooth it into them until they're so flavorful they're ready to pop.

Then I let them steep awhile in a nice marinade. When they're at their most succulent, sometimes I'll put them in a slow- cooking oven and turn them over and over, and other times I'll toss them on a blazing grill to sizzle.

Either way, at some point in the story, they are going to devour each other because Love is Unstoppable!"

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