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Rhoda is a Kentucky girl raised in the mid-west. She is married to Frank, the most handsome, most brilliant, most wonderful man in the world. She has lived in Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and now makes her home on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Frank and Rhoda have three children.

Rhoda initiated her storytelling career by daydreaming in school and making up stories for show and tell. By the time she was eleven, she was putting her imagination to better use by writing Star Trek stories. That same year she discovered romance novels and spent her youth devouring the books of Victoria Holt, Georgette Heyer, Phyllis A. Whitney and Mary Stewart.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-physics and a Masters of Science degree in Chemistry. Though most of her education and training have been in the sciences, she has a great interest in European medieval and ancient history.
Piano, Guitar, Singing, Hiking, Gardening, Cooking
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