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Born in Brisbane (or Bris-vegas as it's known to locals), Rhyll is an insomniac, scatter-brained perfectionist prone to exaggeration and granny naps. Her current home is in the penal colony of Canberra, where she's a humble foot soldier in Canberra's army of darkness, the public service.

Living in Prague, Shanghai and Germany as well as studying Russian and German have given her a taste for the exotic, and she populates her writing with sexy Soviet men, hot Aussie vixens and gratuitously handsome US Olympic athletes. Think "The United Nations meets Benny Hill". Kind of. Not.

Outside of playing host to the United Nations of Hotness in her writer's imagination, she can be found trying to pass for normal at her office day job or twiddling with art, or reading. It's true, she doesn't get out much…and that's how she likes it.

She's also a proud member of Romance Writers of Australia.


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